Spirit Equipment

Hardware Solutions

Audio RecorderUsed to record audio in a location. The primary use of this device is to capture EVP’s.
Thermal ImagerCreates a graphical image representing the temperature layout of a room. This device can be used to locate hot or cold spots as well as tracking their movement.
GoProAble to be attached to an investigator and record from their outward perspective while researching. Note – only works with visible spectrum.
GhostProSimilar to the GoPro this device can be attached to an investigator to record their outward perspective. Unlike the GoPro this devices records in full spectrum.
EMF DetectorUsed to detect changes in electromagnetic fields. It is believed that spirits gather energy to interact and these devices can detect the buildup up that energy.

Software Solutions

iOvilusThis is a software solution for devices such as the Ovilus 5b. It is believed the spirits are able to interact with the software through the sensors on the phone or device. There is a database of words and by manipulating the input from the sensors the entity would be able to produce words. I give credit to this app due to being produced by the same company that sells the Ovilus.
RecForge 2This is a software solution similar to an audio recorder. The software was selected as a software solution to stand in for an audio recorder when the hardware device is not available. This software was selected due to the ability to view the waveform of the audio on the spot similar to computer analysis of the audio.