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What is a UFO

UFO noun

\ ˌyü-(ˌ)ef-ˈō , ˈyü-(ˌ)fō \
plural UFO’s or UFOs\ ˌyü-​(ˌ)ef-​ˈōz , ˈyü-​(ˌ)fōz \

Definition of UFO


“All right.” The President sighed. “Is there anybody around this table who thinks UFOs and this signal from Vega have anything to do with each other?”
— Carl Sagan

In 1966, the first UFO “abduction” was described in journalist John G. Fuller’s book The Interrupted Journey.
— Keay Davidson

This term however has become dated in recent years, many experts now call them UAPs: Unexplained Aerial Phenomena.

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